Why you should visit Castellón de la Plana with Spain Golden Visa

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Valencia, Spain is known best for many of the tourist attractions whereas the Costa Blanca is always flooded with visitors.

Then there’s a quiet province of Castellon just to the north of Valencia that’s all set to stall in the limelight after opening of the region’s airport.

So there isn’t a better moment to explore the amazing Mediterranean beaches, pristine mountain and medieval-like hilltop villages with a Spain Golden Visa!

The sweet-fragranced Costa del Azahar

Seven hundred (700) years of Moorish invasion has certainly laid a footmark on Spain and Costa del Azahar is the best example.

The place is a perfect-picture of ancient Arabian methods of irrigation used in fertilisation of orange, cherry, almond and lemon groves. Here the term “Azahar”refers to “Orange blossom” which isn’t just hold to its name but spring time is the best when you can actually delve in the sweet scent that blends in the air!

Like most of the Spanish coastlines, The Costa is a mix of laidback coves, resorts and in all its true glory following the months of July and August which means now is the time to make the most of your Spain Golden Visa and fly to the place!

While it isn’t entirely a sandy beach, there’s plenty to see and do during off-season like an unforgettable visit to the medieval Peñíscola, livelier and busier fishing port of Vinarós or perhaps a trip to the town of Benicàssim.

Here, Benicàssim is one of the liveliest resorts famous for its annual summer festival but once summer season ends, bright and brilliant houses of the urban elites still line up the shorefront.

Peñíscola: Right from the Hollywood movie set

The northern coastal stretch is dominated by the inspiring Peñíscola; a medieval barricaded town sitting high and mighty on a rocky isthmus. Its crown-jewel is the 14thcentury castle built by the fearless Knights Templar on the remnants of an Arabian fortress.

The castle later became home of “Papa Luna” as Spanish overthrew Pope Benedict the 13th and as you explore, his name is visible all over the town.

The beautifully laidback parts of El Cid is yet another hallmark of the Peñíscola which we all know as the City of Meereen in last year’s season six of Game of Thrones. The high walls here are nothing but a film set so don’t get overwhelmed or confused.

The only addition was the atmosphere of the charming old town but, the winding cobbled streets are a must to tour. This place is best especially in winter afternoon. If you wish to dip on a beach, walk all the way north away from the town or to the rocky coves on the south.

Maestrazgo for the steep mountains & hilltop town experience

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Setting your footsteps in Maestrazgo bearing Spain Golden Visa is like exploring a world apart from the busy coastal strip of Castellón.

Don’t get confused by the name to the neighbouring Argons CountyMaestrazgo is only sparsely populated, mostly consumed by beautiful low mountains and hilltop villages where the sheep roam freely.

Yet another distinct feature is the elongated landscape of dry-stone walling and perhaps a perfect example of most beautiful Maestrazgo villages that just applied for recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the other hand, there’s the town of Vilafranca with its entire museum dedicated to the Museo de Pedra en Sec. It’s a hotspot for adventure sports where you can enjoy anything from mountain biking to canoe, spelunking, hiking, diving and much more.


If you’re a lucky holder of Spain Golden Visa, Castellón de la Plana awaits your arrival and there’s more to see and do that we’ve pointed out here.

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